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Our website design and hosting business is still thriving, thanks to our many loyal clients. We have added a few new directories to our sites as additional ways to help them advertise. We have done some restaurant and other reviews locally, and will also be starting to do more in a few months, so if you are interested in a review of your business or product......let us know! April, 2007:

Cindy will be attending the American Quilt Society's 23rd Annual Quilt Show & Contest in Paducah, Kentucky in April, so watch for a report on that!

November, 2006 through March, 2007:

On November 4, 2006, Mike created and promoted the World Massage Festival and the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame. The event for 2007 will be held October 20-21, 2007 at the Hadji Shriner's Temple in Pensacola.

The Pensacola Massage Center is still going strong....we did over 3000 massages in 2006!

October, 2005 through October, 2006:

During this time, Mike was asked to serve on the Advisory Board at the Pensacola School of Massage Therapy and Health Careers and also began a one year stint as the Editor for the Florida Journal, the newsletter publication by the Florida Chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association.

In October, 2005, we finally realized that we had outgrown our 3 therapy we leased a unit in the same shopping center that more than doubled our space! The Pensacola Massage Center now has 7 themed therapy rooms, a steam sauna, an infra-red sauna and many new modalities available to clients. We now offer not only Swedish/relaxation massage and deep tissue massage, but Lomi Lomi, Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, Thai-Yoga Massage, body treatments and much more! Check out our website and take a look at our relaxing, escape-into-another world Center!

August, 2004 through August, 2005:

We opened the Pensacola Massage Therapy Center in a 1200 square foot building in a shopping center here in Pensacola.

The Center had 3 therapy rooms and about 10 therapists met their clients here for therapy. We opened just 2 weeks before Hurricane Ivan hit the Gulf Coast! We had no damage to our building after the hurricane, but were without power for 2 weeks. The Army Corps of Engineers moved in rapidly after the hurricane to put up the "blue roof" coverings to tide folks over until they could make arrangements with contractors to repair and replace roofs. The aftermath of the hurricane brought about 20,000 additional workers to the area.....many of whom needed massage therapy after working so hard all day.

During this time, Mike was featured on several radio programs discussing the benefits of massage therapy and we handed out hundreds of "free massage" cards to folks in the area, offering them a free one-hour full-body massage. Our therapists are so good, that once they get someone on their table....they get them back!

The Pensacola area was hard hit by Hurricane Ivan, with the loss of thousands of housing units and a HUGE amount of yard work to be done by residents. We stayed open evenings and on weekends so that we could be there to help these folks with their sore muscles, and thus were able to build a loyal clientele. January through July, 2004:

We arrived in Pensacola, Florida on January 23, and on February 4, Mike started school at the Pensacola School of Massage Therapy and Health Careers. While he attended school, Cindy kept up with the website work. Mike graduated in July and began his massage practice then.

January, 2002 through December, 2004:

We spent these two years in south Texas, trying out "retirement" and dealing with some family issues. Cindy lost her brother, Barry Earl, to pancreatic cancer and her Mom's advanced Alzheimers came into play during this time. But, in the end, we decided that retirement in Texas was not for we headed out to Florida!

December, 2001:

December 1-4

Brownsville, TX
December 5

Brownsville, TX
December 6

Brownsville, TX
December 7

Brownsville, TX

Matamoros, Mexico
December 8

Brownsville, TX

CC Wings
December 9-13

Brownsville, TX
December 14

Brownsville, TX
December 15

Donna, TX
December 16-31


November, 2001:

November 1

Progreso, Mexico
November 2

Brownsville, TX
November 3

CC Wings

Brownsville, TX
November 4-12

On the road

November 13

Brownsville, TX
November 14-18

A Ray of

November 19-25

Brownsville, TX
November 26-29

Brownsville, TX
November 30

Brownsville, TX

October, 2001:

October 1

Brownsville, TX
October 2

Matamoros, Mexico
October 3-4

Brownsville, TX
October 5

Rio Hondo, TX
October 6-9

Brownsville, TX
October 10-13

Bike Fest 2001

Harlingen, TX
October 13

Brownsville, TX
October 14-18

Brownsville, TX
October 19

Brownsville, TX
October 20

Brownsville, TX
October 21-23

Brownsville, TX
October 24-25

Brownsville, TX
October 26

Brownsville, TX
October 27

Brownsville, TX
October 28

Pumpkin Painting

Brownsville, TX
October 29-30

Brownsville, TX
October 31


Brownsville, TX

September, 2001:

September 1

Brownsville, TX
September 2

Brownsville, TX
September 3-6

Brownsville, TX
September 7

Brownsville, TX
September 8

Brownsville, TX
September 9

Progresso, Mexico
September 10

Brownsville, TX
September 11

September 12

Los Fresnos, TX
September 13-15

New Guide Released
September 15-30

Brownsville, TX

August, 2001:

August 1-7

Stateburg, SC
August 8-15

Brunswick, GA
August 16

Kingsland, GA
August 17

Chattahoochee, FL
August 18-19

Lillian, AL
August 20-21

Perdido Key, FL
August 22

Robert, LA
August 23-24

Texas Bound!
August 25-26

Corpus Christi, TX
August 27

Port Aransas, TX
August 28

Corpus Christi, TX
August 29

Corpus Christi, TX
August 30

South Padre Island, TX
August 31

Los Fesnos, TX

June - July, 2001:

June 1-12

Stateburg, SC
June 13-30

Stateburg, SC
July 1-4

Stateburg, SC
July 5-16

Stateburg, SC
July 17-22

New Castle, PA
July 23

Elkin, NC
July 24-31

Stateburg, SC

April-May, 2001:

April 1

Williamsburg, VA
April 2

Williamsburg, VA
April 3

Williamsburg, VA
April 4

Charles City, VA
April 5

Staunton, VA
April 6-8

Staunton, VA
April 9

Scottsville, VA
April 10

Charlottesville, VA
April 11-14

New Castle, PA
April 15-16

Washington, DC
April 17

Annapolis, MD
April 18

Queenstown, MD
April 19

Lewes, DE
April 20

Princess Anne, MD
April 21-May 4

New Castle, PA
May 5-31

Stateburg, SC

March, 2001:

March 1-3

Stateburg, SC
March 4

Asheville, NC
March 5

Asheville, NC
March 6

Asheville, NC
March 7

Asheville, NC
March 8-10

Stateburg, SC
March 11

Asheville, NC
March 12

Weaverville, NC
March 13

Weaverville, NC
March 14

Asheville, NC
March 15-16

Stateburg, SC

New photo of Haley!
March 17

Stateburg, SC
March 18

Asheville, NC
March 19

Candler, NC
March 20

Asheville, NC
March 21

Asheville, NC
March 22-24

Stateburg, SC
March 25

Asheville, NC
March 26

Asheville, NC
March 27

Barnardsville, NC
March 28

Weaverville, NC
March 29

Durham, NC
March 30

Petersburg, VA
March 31

Williamsburg, VA

February, 2001:

February 1- 6

Sumter, SC
February 7

Stateburg, SC
February 8

Poinsett Park, SC
February 9

Latta, SC
February 10

Stateburg, SC
February 11

Williamston, NC
February 12

Outer Banks, NC
February 13-16

Stateburg, SC
February 17

Hendersonville, NC
February 18

Flat Rock, NC
February 19

Waynesville, NC
February 20

Asheville, NC
February 21

Asheville, NC
February 22-24

Stateburg, SC
February 25

Amelia Island, FL
February 26

Green Cove Springs, FL
February 27

St. Augustine, FL
February 28

Stateburg, SC

January, 2001:

January 1-12

South Carolina
January 13

Orlando, Florida
January 14

Orlando, Florida
January 15

Disney's Magic Kingdom
January 16

Disney's Animal Kingdom
January 17

Disney's EPCOT
January 18

Disney's MGM Studio
January 19

Orlando, FL
January 20

Orlando, FL
Jan 21- 31

Sumter, SC

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