Must Read Tips for Buying Your Timeshare

Location, location, location! Whether you are buying a timeshare, buying a home, or even renting a property, the location is very important. Keep in mind that "hot spots", such as major tourist destinations, can come with a hefty price tag. By expanding your options and moving just outside the center of the city's attractions you can save a lot of money.

Understand how your timeshare works. Most timeshares have terms when it comes to when you can visit your destination such as fixed weeks, floating weeks and flex weeks. Fixed weeks are when you can only visit your timeshare on a set week of the year. Floating weeks require you to contact your timeshare resort to choose the week you'd like to stay and is typically based on availability. Flex weeks require you to choose your reservation based on a block of the year such as a season. In addition, there are typically resort fees, such as maintenance, in addition to the price of your timeshare.

Avoid using a real estate agent if possible. By finding timeshare resellers you can avoid commission fees that real estate agents charge. This can save you a great deal in the end. Plus, by working directly with timeshare resellers you don't have to worry about high-pressure sales tactics.

Do your homework. Find out everything you can about the timeshare you are interested in. Compare the price with other timeshares to make sure you won't be paying more than you should. Make sure your timeshare offers you accommodations in vacation spots you actually want to visit. Learn about all the fees associated with your timeshare so you aren't surprised on the day you sign.

Beware of timeshare scams. First of all, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Watch out for timeshare companies promising lavish gifts just for attending their timeshare seminar. These seminars tend to be very lengthy and if there is a prize, it's often not what was originally promised and may even come with a fee just to receive it. The timeshare brokers also may use hard-sell tactics to get you to purchase something you really don't want.

Must Read Tips for Selling Your Timeshare

Location, location, location! Get the most out of your timeshare. If you have a timeshare in a highly desired area, make sure you are getting your full worth. Compare prices of other timeshares nearby and find out what amenities are offered to make sure you get top dollar.

Timeshare availability. Selling your timeshare during peak seasons can almost guarantee you a sale. Availability during these times greatly increases your chance of a sale because there are more people looking to travel, decreasing the availability of accommodations.

Avoid using a real estate agent if possible. By finding timeshare resellers you can avoid commission fees that real estate agents charge. This can save you a great deal in the end. Plus, by working directly with timeshare resellers you don't have to worry about high-pressure sales tactics.

Make it stand out. What sets your timeshare apart from others? New construction or renovations are always a plus, but having extra luxury features that can't be found just anywhere can really set your timeshare apart from others. Added conveniences, such as stores and attractions, can help make your timeshare seem more appealing than others.

Understanding your timeshare. It's important you know the type of timeshare you own and all the terms before you sell it, which can have a great impact on your sale price. If you have a deeded ownership in the property, you physically own a portion of the resort's property. If you have a right to use (RTU) contract you do not own the property, you are simply leasing it, but still have the right to sell it. RTU contracts come with a length of time you can use the property, such as 20 years. When you sell it, the new owner gets the amount of time left on the contract. Due to this fact, RTUs tend to get much less money the longer you wait to sell since the value is decreasing on a daily basis.

How to sell. You can use a real estate agent, however, keep in mind that many charge a fee for listing your timeshare and then take a commission on the sale. The commissions tend to be larger than that of a traditional real estate sale. These fees will vary from agent to agent, so find one that seems trustworthy and has your best interests in mind. If you list your timeshare yourself you can save on these fees of course, but it may be harder to sell your property.

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There are so many varieties of timeshares out there that you can plan the details of your holiday first and then find a timeshare to cater to your specific agenda. To find the best deals on property including a timeshare rental, you will need to look on the resale market. Timeshare resales are more cost efficient and less of a hassle than resort offered property. Finding timeshare for sale on the resale market is very easy and you can move at your own pace instead of being pressured into sales. Also, if you are ready to buy timeshare, you still have a number of options, such as what type of vacation real estate to go for. Resorts, slope side suites, tropical beach chalets and metropolitan area pads are not the only choices.
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Spread across the 3.79 million square miles that is the United States, are diverse landscapes with an immeasurable assortment of wonderful attributes. Travelers of the American countryside bare witness to the majestic expanse of natural features and magnificent towns and cities. Timeshare accommodations come in all shapes and sizes. They are located in all regions of the county. The characteristics of the timeshares transform corresponding to its surroundings, like an affluent creature adapting to its environment! Seriously though, you can find different lodging in different areas. For example you may be looking into a cabin on a lake in Michigan or a city condo in New York. There are lavish resorts in Las Vegas and quaint cottages on the beach in the Carolinas.