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CRUISING AMERICA .....ON THE ROAD! Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? Where do you want to stay?

Cruising America travels the United States, Canada and beyond, posting online travel information and photos of businesses, events and sights they encounter along the way.

Publishers of many online Internet guides for travel and business, Mike Hinkle and Cindy Michaels roam the interstate highways and the back roads, reporting on the people, places and events of our world. Based in Wyoming, but living fulltime (along with their chocolate cocker spaniel, Lexxus), in their 22-foot motorhome, The Eagle II, the pair conducts tours throughout the country. The tours include reviews of bed & breakfast inns, RV parks, restaurants, events, and much more. Entire communities have participated in showing off the best they have to offer to the travelers. During each tour, they hand out thousands of business cards, spend long hours promoting their clients' businesses and speaking with the many folks who want to know
..... "What is Cruising America?"

January, 2007, saw the start of their eleventh year in the website design & hosting business and as travel writers and photographers. While working at their "day jobs" in 1996, they produced an online newspaper in Casper, Wyoming, to pass along the good news from their hometown. Their efforts included articles about teachers who received special recognition or an Eagle Scout who had won an award. They reported on a local elementary school "50's Sock Hop" and a high school presentation of Holocaust vignettes.

After being contacted by a local bed & breakfast inn regarding website design & hosting, they embarked on a new part time career. What started as a long-range plan to be self-employed and travel as fulltime RVers, "perhaps in 5 years or so", became a reality much sooner than expected. By June, 1998, they were completely mobile. Traveling with 2 Gateway laptop computers, a Compaq desktop computer, 2 Sony Mavica digital cameras and all the necessary office equipment to produce their sites "on the road", they started off on their adventures.

From a customer database of 2 in January of 1997, to a current roster of over 8,000 clients, Mike & Cindy attribute their success to honesty, quick response to their clients' needs and by doing their best to live by the philosophy of "The Bridge Builder" by Will Allen Dromgoole, building "bridges" to make the path a little easier for the next person who comes along.

On their sites, they offer services to the community at large with free listings of missing persons, animal rescue organizations and other free listings which help to promote their clients. As they visit with small business owners, they are always willing to make suggestions about Internet advertising and website design & promotion. They enjoy sharing information with fellow travelers interested in a mobile lifestyle, explaining how they got started and now maintain their business while traveling fulltime in their motorhome.

Cruising America has posted online information, reviews and photos of hundreds of businesses and events. The reviews include everything from 2-room bed & breakfast inns and 15-room country inns.... to a single RV hookup site on the oceanfront and 500-site RV small community events and the Woodstock '99 cozy, family-style restaurants and 5-star dining books and gourmet food products.

Their tours have included visits and reviews in the continental US, Canada, the Dominican Republic and Italy!

Cruising America's 2000 Ultimate Travel CD
Over 11,000 photos from their travels, databases of bed & breakfast inns, campgrounds, and more! (This CD is produced annually with all new information!)

Cruising America's 2001 Ultimate Travel CD
Have access to our reviews, information for fulltime RVers AND an extensive look at the photos we have taken and the places we have seen! The very BEST of the photos we have taken in our travels since December, 2000. The CD has thousands of photos, most of which have never been posted online!

Cruising America's Good Stuff Cookbook
Over 3300 of the best recipes around...personal favorites & hundreds from inns around the world. (This cookbook will be updated peridocially and more recipes added each time!)

Alaska - A Photo Journey
Join us on our trek North to ALASKA! See the animals we encountered, a tour of Denali National Park, the flowers, the mountains, a trip to see the glaciers calving.....and MORE....over 2300 photos!

Dominican Republic - A Photo Journey
A collection of the best photos from our week-long stay in the Dominican Republic.

"We've experienced what this great country has to offer at a time in our lives when most folks are punching a time clock every day and planning to travel when they retire. We will never be millionaires, but we have a great lifestyle! We have taken a hiatus from traveling, trying out the lifestyle in south Texas, then moving along to Pensacola, Florida. Here, Mike went to school and became a licensed massage therapist. We opened the Pensacola Massage Center and have enjoyed a different way of helping other folks for the past few years. We have also begun the World Massage Festival and Massage Therapy Hall of Fame."

"Are we ready to completely give up being "on the road"? That travel bug is a hard one to kick! Maybe in 20 years or so? Can we see it all by then? As long as we're healthy and can continue to provide such wide-range exposure for our clients, we'll keep going! And, we still need to find the perfect spot for OUR retirement! We will be starting once again to do reviews and travel a bit more frequently before going back on the road once again, so check back often!"

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