In Memory


Barry D. Earl
December 8, 1963 - November 14, 2001

Barry lost his battle with cancer today and won his place in heaven.

As a child, Barry was BUSY...mischevious and into everything....always with that big smile on his face and the devlish twinkle in his eyes. I remember one night at the dinner table....Barry was still young enough to be sitting in a high chair. He decided he really didn't want spaghetti for dinner, so picked up his bowl and dumped it on his head. Dad and I laughed hysterically.....Mom wasn't real happy with ANY of us that night.

In his teens, B was always in the center of things. He played sports and was voted Mr. Shenango by the other students. He and his friends tended to congregate at our house to watch TV, crack jokes and just sit around enjoying their youth. I never knew when I got up in the morning how many bodies might be sleeping on the sofas or curled up in sleeping bags on the floor.

As he traveled through his 20's, B mastered the trades of carpentry and masonry. He and his partner, Dave, eventually formed Builders Plus, Inc. Before long they had established themselves within the business community. Their honest, hardworking and reliable approach earned them the respect and friendship of customers and competitors alike.

By the time he reached 30, we were beginning to wonder if B would ever marry and settle down. He had been the best man in dozens of weddings and all his friends were married and starting families. His long wait was rewarded when he met and married his beautiful wife, Debbie. Along with their 2 children, Courtney and Zack, they began a too-short, but very happy life. The kids adored Barry and he and Debbie were just perfect for each other.

After we lost our Dad, B became both mentor and best friend for our brother Brett and I know he will miss him terribly. They worked together, played together and shared a too-brief moment in time.

Our Barry was a great brother, son, husband, father and friend. He was always there to make you laugh when you were just sure that life would get the better of you. He always had a smile, a handshake or a hug ready at just the right time. He was one of the good guys.

Much too soon, he was taken from us. At the mass, his priest told us that "Barry got it right" much sooner than most of us. I only know there's one more guardian angel in heaven, as our ray of sunshine joins Dad to watch over us all.

I love you and miss you, B