Adventures with Cruising America! - The Eagle Has Landed!

Where the Eagle II Has Landed!

Progreso, Mexico
November 1, 2001

Mike and I have a rough we checked the email and answered a few of them....finishing up just in time for coffee and sweet rolls at the rec hall. After visiting a while, it was time to load up and go to Progreso, Mexico for some shopping, dining and $1 margauritas.

We were joined on the trip by a couple visiting, on their way to a family Christmas in Florida. Natives of Indiana, Betty & Bob are now fulltime RVers.

Once in Progreso, our group of 14 split up into smaller groups, agreeing to meet at the Red Snapper at 2:00 PM for lunch.

Vinnie was quick on the take off!

But....better not turn your back for too long, Vinnie.....never know what Mike might be up to!

During lunch, we were serenaded by some local folks.

As always, there was lots of shopping and lots of STUFF!

No link to Mike's Report tonight because he has not put up the page for November yet.....look for it tomorrow!